Commercial Residential Locksmith – Access Control


Commercial Residential Locksmith – Access Control

The trade of locksmithing has a long and complex history. Different cultures developed different types of locks and as the industrial revolution approached, the manufacturing of locks became more uniform and stabilized. These days there are many different types of locks to choose from. The most common and recognizable type of lock is probably the pin tumbler lock. A pin tumbler lock requires a set of pins inside the physical lock that stop the lock from moving until a key matching the pattern of the pins is inserted. The grooves of the key blade are precision cut to fit exactly into the physical lock. There is very specific machinery that is required to perform a precision cut on a key blade.commercial - residential Locksmith
These machines can often be found at hardwood stores or commercial locksmith storefronts. Pin tumbler locks are commonly used for the security of residential homes, schools, and offices. This type of lock is still very common, although the rise in popularity of digital and keyless entry have impacted the use of pin tumbler locks.

There are many famous types of locks that are said to be un-pickable. With these famous locks have followed famous locksmiths who were able to pick the locks. A Braham lock was considered to be un-pickable for over sixty years and when it was finally picked, the process took over fifty hours. Many famous magicians throughout history have mastered picking locks to incorporate new flare to their acts and performances. Some famous magicians would put themselves in situations that could be very dangerous if they were not able to pick a lock quickly enough. There was a famous magic trick that involved locking the magician’s hands and feet together and dropping them into a body of water where they could potentially drown if they failed to pick the locks on their hands and feet quickly enough. These magicians would practice picking locks for hours and hours before attempting this trick. In a sense, you could consider them to be master locksmiths.

With the development of many different types of locks throughout the course of history, there has come a need for many different types of locksmiths. Certain types of locksmiths specialize in certain types of locksmithing. For example, commercial locksmiths specialize in security mechanisms for businesses and commercial spaces. Residential locksmiths specialize in the security mechanisms of personal properties and residential homes. Auto locksmiths have an entirely unique set of skills and tools that allow them to access and replace auto locks. An auto locksmith also specializes in car remotes. A mobile locksmith is most commonly called in emergency situations. They often have a broad range of skills in order to meet the needs of their clients on short notice. Mobile locksmiths often operate 24 hours a day in order to meet the needs of their customer base. Our company provides locksmiths who specialize in all of the above-mentioned areas.
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